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In His Room

*reaches for a glass of water to take pills with*

What a frustrating night.  The game was rather... um.  Yeah, unnerving.  It is probably the last time you'll find me flying about with my bits to the breeze, if not the last time I play Quidditch period.  Then there was the whole Death Eater thing, and that poor girl...

At least we won.

I think the thing that bothers the most people is bloody Malfoy.  Luna and I probably shouldn't have come along to his place, but we were there to witness what happened at the game.  I'm understanding that Ginny is upset because everyone (*coughMalfoycough*) blames her for the rageful outburst by the former Slytherin.  Which really isn't fair, considering she was just stating something she saw as evidence.  If she saw Pansy's bracelet, then she saw Pansy's bracelet.  It's a clue as to who it was.

*rubs his temples*

I'm going back to bed.

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