lostatoad (lostatoad) wrote,

*In His Room*

I saw him today, and he was beautiful. Em wasn't sure I'd want to go along to see the Healer with her, and to be totally honest, I wasn't too sure myself... but man, am I glad I did. It was ten million percent worth it.

Speaking of Em, she's still a little bit weepy about recent events... but she says that it's nothing. I'm concerned, but only because I've been there myself. And I think we can all remember that horrible night. I think it might kill me if I found her like that. She still won't go on leave from the club, says that no one can tell... but I know it's getting harder for her to hide. She's a tiny little thing, and one would think it that she would stay close to that way, but Gran always said we Longbottoms are massive children. At least the boys are anyway.

Em likes to chuck stuff at me when I say that. She thinks it's a girl.

( she's so wrong ;). )
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