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In His Room

I don't know what to do.  I'm so lost, I've never been forced to handle anything even close to this before.

I went to visit Mum and Dad yesterday at Mungo's, and Gran and I had to talk to the Healer.  He said that while Dad is normal, Mum's condition has gotten worse, if it is possible.  She's not even moving anymore, making noises or anything like she used to.  He wants to pull the plug.  Since I am an adult, it is now my decision... but I can't do it.  I've held on deep down on the belief that they would find a way to fix it... some way, any way...  I don't want to let go.  But is that fair.

I think I've lost sence of all time.  I'm almost positive that within the last thirty-two hours I was supposed to meet Luna, but I can't be sure.  If I was, I missed it, and if I could feel right now I'm sure I'd be sorry.


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